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Each cat’s unique personality simply demands a quest for unique shopping trends. No matter what the breed, shopping for your feline should be a unique experience, customized according to your cat’s personality and behavioral traits. The holidays are a fun time for your discerning feline and every cat expects that special gift.

Whether your feline is a casual sunbather or a hyper-active feline fatale, feline owners can make this time a fun shopping experience for the whole family. No more breed type shopping choices. Different feline personalities crave different sorts of stimuli. Some cats that are quiet and laid back are just waiting for that purrrfect cat blanket. Whether it’s made from fleece, plush polyester or a thermal material, there are many colors to choose from that would blend with his personality.Cat collars can also be matched up with blankets and this makes a great gift. Should you happen to live where it snows a heated blanket for the car and homes are also options.

Forget Petsmart. These felines deserve exclusivity. Shop online from around the world. New colors, new fabrics and different interactive toys are options for your felines.

-Petitschats.com from Paris translates each feline gift into a Parisian adventure.

-OzPets.com carries unique Australian feline products. Many choices with great prices.

-PetPlanet.co.uk is a virtual animal house and has great cat play tunnels from Ancol.

Shopping online for your feline demands that you research your products and check for toy safety. Buying right according to your feline’s age is necessary and important. Not all safety regulations apply in each country. Kittens also require different sorts of stimuli and all  gifts bought for these little felines, must be checked for durability and safety.

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys taking skiing trips with your pets, buying your feline a plane ticket and booking into a pet friendly ski resort, works wonders for that inquisitive feline that’s always in need of adventure. Bring along a trendy new pet carrier and some interactive toys for the flight and hotel. Your cat will be purring forever. Most cats enjoy a change of scenery and with today’s pet friendly ski resorts and hotels, this can be tons of fun for the family.

Interactive toys bought locally can also be great, if selected and bought specifically with your cat’s personality in mind. Do not buy any feline interactive toy. Remind yourself that your feline is as picky and as unique as you are.

-The Roll and Pop Cat Ball $10.99 allows for you and your cat to share playtime fun. Small mice pop in and out of this toy’s peek holes. This toy is great for the loud purrer’s that crave attention all the time. It’s a firm favorite and fun for all ages.

-Ball of Furry Fury $6.99.This feline toy brings out the hunter in them.Suits felines that are arrogant and pretend not to care.

-Cat Toy Mixed Mice. By Petbliss. It is small enough to hold in their mouths and they can proudly wonder around showing off their kill. Great for the inquisitive feline.

-Da Bird. Feather Cat Interactive Toy. This is suitable for the shy, demure feline that needs encouraging to get going. Da Bird has a twirling feather action .It is a bird-like flying contraption that will unleash the “cheetah within” your feline.

-Feathered Pole Cat Toy. This is a firm favorite for kittens and felines that have plenty of energy and do not want to stray too far.

-Kong Cat Zoom Groom by Amazing Animal is a cat massager that acts like a comb too. Your feline will simply purr with delight. It also removes extra fur and should be a must have for all cats alike.

– Slimcat Green by Petsafe is for the fun loving and animated feline that wants her treats right away.

–  Fur Mouse with sound on an elastic by Petbliss comes with an elastic string. This means that the mouse bounces all over the place and the mouse toy inside makes noises .Kitty thinks there’s a live mouse around.

-Lock- a –Price Toy Box $17.99 makes it a challenge for your feline to paw, pounce and hunt for toys. Great for the aloof and suspicious feline that does not want to interact at times.

Felines and their families can have the same enjoyment and fun at during the holidays. Wrap all your feline’s gifts up in many layers of brightly colored tissue paper and always remember to remove all the bows. Let Kitty have holiday fun unwrapping all his gifts . Buying right for your feline has never been easier. Each cat’s unique personality simply demands a unique gift at this time.

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