Peanut Allergy -Sniffing Dogs

Peanut Allergy-Sniffing Service Dogs



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Talk about peanut allergy-sniffing dogs to any special needs family, and they’ll want to know more.

  • These special needs canines perform passive alert and response.
  • They are trained to sit for any response to peanuts.
  • Peanut detector dogs are trained to identify allergens in the vicinity and alert their owner.
  • The special needs child or adult will ask the peanut-sniffing canine to “show me,” and the dog will point to the peanut contaminated item.

Special needs children learn how to become independent and have more freedom with the help of these special dogs. Did you know that some special needs families avoid social functions and public areas so as to minimize peanut exposure? These range from foods, lotions with nut oils to library books, and can be a potential allergy trigger and life threatening. Peanut-sniffing dogs dogs are a powerful tool for the protection of people and children with allergies.

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