December 6, 2022


  1. They were bred to be protectors of the farms in South Africa. They protected the homes and livestock. It is their size that makes them superior guard dogs to some of the other mastiff breeds. They are large, but also very balanced, unlike some of the extremely bulky and overdone mastiffs. I have a boerboel that is 120 lbs, and can jump over my 4 ft fence with ease. Very athletic and the best dog I have owned.

  2. Great blog abouth the greatest dog.
    We have one, my best friend, the best protector, friend of the family and especially for kids.
    Good learner with a lot of respect, patience and fearless.
    Just treat him right, be the boss from day 1 and you will have an unbelievable dog!!

  3. I LOVE MY little girl. She is going on 13 and still as active as ever. I am glad the breed is finally recognized. They are incredible! She is the most protection anyone family will ever need

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