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  By Claudia Bensimoun Image credit: Pixaby   Dogs love pampering as much as we do! Add some great organic products such as the Buchu scrub and khakibos shampoo,available online from Vondi’s, (my absolute favorite), and you’ll have a fun spa day. The Buchu scrub is an anti- bacterial soap scrub made especially for our furry…


RECENT STATISTICS SHOW AN INCREASING NUMBER OF DOGS AND ANIMALS AT ALL RESCUE SHELTERS. ANIMAL CARE AND CONTROL are taking in many more dogs and cats than in previous years. Recent findings show that for every family buying a puppy, there is someone dropping one off at a shelter. Educating families, especially those with young…


By Claudia Bensimoun   DOG VACAY-CANINE BLISS! While emphasis is always placed on canine safety, why not combine both safety and pleasure and let your furry-best friend enjoy a great vacation away from home? Aren’t you sometimes torn with indecision when vacation time arrives? Many pet-parents are indecisive about where to board Fido when vacation…


Today a second chance is not only for people but for dogs as well. According to Pawsite marketing there has been a great increase in the willingness of the American public to adopt or care for handicapped pets that have major illnesses or handicaps that in the past would have necessitated euthanasia.

Making the Right Decision

Dog wheelchairs and drag bags are but a few examples of what makes life easier for a handicapped pet. It also reassures us that the decision we are making, is the right one and that our dogs will be able to live a normal life. The dedication of mechanical engineers and veterinarians that are always looking for better ways to improve the already advanced medical and technological field enable for pet parents to make the right choice and not to euthanize a handicapped canine.

Greater Awareness

When the time comes for us to be there for our dogs, it’s always nice to have the option, funds and medical knowledge from an expert veterinarian with a similar optimistic outlook, that will enable us always to make the appropriate decision and to be our furry-best friends, best companions in sickness or in health.

Taking out pet insurance has also developed into a growing industry and is as important to many families as their own health insurance, thus showing how important our dogs have become to us.

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For most dog enthusiasts with an entrepreneurial spirit,starting up a business can be a dream come true.While most of us think of occupations that involve working with our canine companions friends,veterinarian,dog trainer,dog walker or dog groomer come to mind.These were once the most popular of the dog-focused careers. Today,however a new blend of trendy canine…