For most dog enthusiasts with an entrepreneurial spirit,starting up a business can be a dream come true.While most of us think of occupations that involve working with our canine companions friends,veterinarian,dog trainer,dog walker or dog groomer come to mind.These were once the most popular of the dog-focused careers.

Today,however a new blend of trendy canine businesses have emerged.These canine businesses are unique dog-focused businesses that for many entrepreneurs started out as a dream and simply grew into large successful businesses.If you’re one of those people that are passionate about spending your days with your furry-best friends,then trying to find your niche within this exciting field will be fun.

Not only are today’s canine businesses more in touch with the unique concepts of the canine industry,but also healthy trends geared towards organic health foods,organic dog grooming products and specialized doggie daycare.According to APPA,in 2010,pet services showed a growth at the 6% level.Pet travel services and temporary daycare have found a niche with plenty of room to grow.However,new trends within the canine industry have recently emerged,making this industry yet more exciting.In 2011 Dog Vacay was launched .Iphone videos and photos of  pets vacationing at Dog Vacay are sent to pet parents worldwide.You can drop off your furry-best friend at the home of a fellow dog lover and these hosts or pet sitters watch your pet while you are away vacationing. Pet dating,dog party planners and doggie etiquette classes are also becoming popular  as canine lovers continue to demand the same quality and level of treatment for their dogs.

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