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It’s the weekend and a great time to visit your local dog shelter. Whether it’s to donate some items, walk a dog or adopt your new best friend, now’s the time!

Paws up to all doggie adoptions! You might be thinking: But I can’t do this right now because timing might not be perfect or you may have other dogs. The purpose of adopting your new best –friend is to help the many dogs in shelters today that are looking for new pet parents to love them. An added benefit is that if you adopt an adult dog, most dogs are potty trained.

Finding Fido!

You’ll know when you see him. Over the years and many doggie adoptions, I have found that the connection is there almost immediately, although if I could have, I probably would have taken every dog home. Keep in mind that if you have children and older family members, an older dog may be preferable.

Knowing your breeds!

Work on adopting a breed that you are familiar with and not only pure breeds. There are some wonderful mixed breeds that have the best traits from both sides.

Let the moment happen!

Who can forget that wonderful connection? In adoption situations, these dogs just never forget that you’ve rescued them and love you so much more.

Allow some sniff time and down time.

Bringing your new furry-friend home does not need to be stressful .If you have other dogs, be sure to introduce them one at a time and to give the other dogs as much attention as your new pooch. The dog has to get comfortable and even the most stable dog may become tense in new surroundings around different people. Let your new canine sniff around and take a good look at his new home and separate all dogs at meal times.

Recruit helpers!

You may find it difficult in the beginning, and sometimes impossible if you are dealing with behavioral problems, aggressiveness, shyness or illness. Designate a family member to help, a neighbor or pet sitter. Work with a dog trainer and visualize about what you want to achieve in your home. Creating a mental picture of canine harmony, will help you focus on a more relaxed environment with your new best friend.

Claudia Bensimoun

Copyright © 2012

Canine freelance

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