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While emphasis is always placed on canine safety, why not combine both safety and pleasure and let your furry-best friend enjoy a great vacation away from home?

Aren’t you sometimes torn with indecision when vacation time arrives? Many pet-parents are indecisive about where to board Fido when vacation time arrives. Dog Vacay has come up with this great concept.

Dog Vacay offers pet -sitters training with an instructional video, insurance plans and GPS-enabled dog collars to track dogs .Pet sitters are hired and screened by Dog Vacay. What more could you ask for?

It’s free to become a member and more than 600 hosts have already joined in the Los Angeles and San Francisco area. But what makes Dog Vacay so different  is that Dog Vacay is not a boarding kennel but a vacation resort, in the homes of families and pet sitters, for all dog lovers looking to have peace of mind while on holiday.

Founded by Karine Nissim and Aaron Hirschorn, Dog Vacay sends iPhone videos and photos of your dogs playing and keeps constant contact with pet-parents.

Pet -parents can choose the vacation destination for their furry-friend and there are many options available. So all you need to figure out is what type of Dog Vacay would Fido most enjoy?

Does he crave canine companionship, plenty of exercise, mental stimulation or social attention? Apartment or a beach home? Keep in mind that 24-hour veterinarian care is available at all times.

The nagging feelings you had about going away on vacation need no longer be.

Pet -parents can now go out of town knowing that their furry- companion is having a blissful Dog Vacay!

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