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Among the many types of German shepherds-(Alsation) ,the Eastern German shepherd is very different from the Western German shepherd lines. The differences between these two types of shepherds have been influenced by the conditions within Germany, while it was divided after WW2.



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  • Dark pigmentation
  • Large blocky head
  • Big bone structure
  • Lean build
  • High energy levels
  • Needs regular exercise to keep healthy
  • Their backs do not slope like the international show lines of the German shepherd, but have a straight appearance.

These shepherds were bred more for their working abilities and have the same medical issues as the western shepherds, such as hip dysplasia.

The differences between the dogs bred for show and those for working are very pronounced. Some of the eastern shepherds were bred for aggression, to attack those who tried to cross the wall out of eastern Germany, however others were bred for herding and for being family pets.

In 1925,the GSD became the most popular breed in the US, due partly, to the heroic deeds of Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart, both classic GSDs.

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