December 2, 2022


  1. Wonderful breed, but it is so hard to find potential breeders! I have only been able to locate three so far. . .well worth the search though, these guys are amazing! I plan on working with mine in Executive Canine Security.

    1. Hello there, I have also been looking for a ATS breeder. Could you by chance send me the list of breeders you found? I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you for your time. (my email is

  2. My system shut down so I’m not sure if my comment and question got posted. Pleas forgive if this is a repeat. My question: Are ATS dogs as protective as german shepherds? AND Would you please pass along ATS breeder’s info.? Thank you for your time. Fel

  3. For anyone not familiar with this ‘breed’ specifically, any potential ‘owners’ need to be fully versed in canid behaviors (esp. wild canid behaviors). These canids require dedicated training AND SOCIALIZATION from day 1 (as early as 3 mos) that will continue throughout adulthood. With my experience in canid behavior, psychology, language, etc. AND my own rescued ‘Tundra Shepherds’ – these guys are automatically considered as NEVER beoing adoptable once obtained by animal control (and thus, always euthanized w/ the only exception being specific ‘breed’ rescue groups that usually transport them to sanctuaries or placed w/ temp or perm fosters w/ ‘breed’ specific experience). They are also considered ILLEGAL to own/ breed in many States – so make sure to do your homework on this ‘breed’ (aka wolf-hybrids, wolf-dogs, etc. regardless of content percentages). We have found that all too many that end up in animal control/ welfare that aren’t confiscated, due to behavior issues that the owner never anticipated. THESE CANIDS POSSESS BEHAVIORS UNLIKE MOST DOMESTICATED DOGS, and can certainly be challenging if training & intense socialization (not only w/ all types of people, variety of animals – esp cats & other small dogs, animals – but also different environments & objects, from city streets/ traffic to running a vacuum cleaner, etc). THEY ALSO DO NOT NECESSARILY MAKE GOOD GUARD ANIMALS! People do not realize that wolves in general, are extremely afraid of humans AND WILL RUN! Higher German Shepherd content may help to resolve some of these issues, but be forewarned that higher wolf content dogs will RUN & HIDE (usually under/ behind a bed, closet) before they will confront a stranger as many domestic dogs trained as guard animals! Those that have more dominant personalities will CONTINUOUSLY CHALLENGE you for top spot in the pack. Regardless of training in many, they may or may not always auto respond to training commands – as they are highly intelligent & INDEPENDENT animals with instinct for self preservation & can be aloof even with a close knit pack owner. POSITIVE METHOD TRAINING IS THE ONLY FORM OF TRAINING these animals should ever have! NEVER hit, yell at, or otherwise introduce negative methods in training or any other interaction with them – they will respond negatively & will never forget (esp. daunting trying to work w/ rescues). As wonderful as they can be with ONLY THE VERY EXPERIENCED, they can present problems that most people will refuse to deal with – hence, how they end up in shelters. MOST SHELTERS WILL ALSO AUTO-EUTHANIZE animals given up/ brought in by owners vs. confiscated or strays that only have a half a chance of specialized rescues saving them usually at the last minute

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