I particularly love this company. A Japanese company that delights every dog  parent that wants incredible architecture for both themselves and their dogs.Have you noticed  more people are living with more dogs?We tend to share a home with multiple furry- best friends,two, three or more, often in a small home that needs an update.Having our home modified to include canine behavior and architecture has been observed to help the dynamics within a busy canine household.Good energy is positive energy and a calmer household.

Fauna Plus Designs makes dogs an explicit part of their home design. This Japanese firm has dog friendly written all over it. Their approach is about combining dog aesthetics with practicality. Combining canine behavior and architecture has become popular in approaching the whole family as one, inclusive of all your dogs and cats.

Homes today can be designed or modified with your dogs in mind and more and more families are buying into it.

Keiji Hirose  is the main architect for Fauna Plus Designs.Diamond- encrusted collars and organic dog chefs don’t compare.  Fauna Plus Designs takes pampering your canine and all your animals to the next level. These home designs are based on animal behaviors. Dog- friendly homes by this company features would include proper ventilation to eliminate hair shed, odor absorbent materials, a dog shower or toilet. Other dog-friendly items also include dog-level peepholes in garden walls, pet-door installations in each room, outdoor courtyards in urban housing areas and scratch –resistant flooring awesome for your felines.

Claudia Bensimoun

Freelance writer

Copyright © 2012

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