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In 2007 demonstrators in Greece mourned the death of Kanellos, the stray that always accompanied Loukanikos, another stray protest dog in Athens, Greece.They both avoided police and fire and joined forces with the lines of demonstrators in the Greek capital, to become famous. They have been mentioned in The Huffington Post, The Guardian and even Buzzfeed.

The heroic actions of these two wonderful Greek strays has gained widespread recognition in the Greek riots of 2008, up until today. A local college student helps Kanellos, who by 2008 had developed bad arthritis and needed a dog wheel chair.

But where is Loukanikos today?

To everyone in Greece, please update us all on Loukanikos, your heroic Greek dog.We all miss him.

Claudia Bensimoun


  1. Wow, fascinating… I had never heard this story of these lovely stray dogs. I can only hope that the surviving stray is safe and cared for, having garnered the affection of the protesters. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Funny how they disappear back into nowhere after their moments of fame. Hope they were taken in by one of the protesters as it’s a pretty hard life as a Greek street dog. It would be really interesting to know what became of them.

    1. At you next stop over in Greece,please try to find out about Loukanikos.It would be great to know that he is well and cared for and possibly no longer a stray!

      Thanks and keep in touch! I love Animal Couriers-your blog is terrific.

  3. I met a man feeding strays on a street in central Athens this past Wednesday and asked him if he knew the whereabouts of Loukanikos. He told me he is keeping him at his home, to make sure that he stays safe. He claimed that some people wanted to steal him and sell him. Then he kept him in because of the elections, but now plans to let him out again in a couple of weeks.

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