• Should we make microchipping compulsory in the US? After all ,many veterinarians in the UK are  already doing this service for free. This will reduce the number of strays on the streets and in shelters. Charities in the UK have broadly welcomed the rules, suggesting they could also help reunite lost dogs with owners and reduce the amount of dogs taken into shelters. The information is stored on a central database, which can be accessed, by the police and the RSPCA.
  • The microchipping procedure is very quick and is being made compulsory in the UK.
  • The chip – about a centimeter long – is placed on the end of an instrument, which looks like a syringe.
  • It is then implanted into the loose skin between a dog’s shoulders.
  • About 5,000 -a week-  UK dog parents,  have already voluntarily chosen to microchip their dogs.Shouldn’t we all do the same?
  • If all puppies were microchipped before they were eight months old, they could be traced to their breeders and the awful practice of puppy farming could be reduced.

There is no reason a rescue dog should not be found and brought back home within a short amount of time.All dog parents don’t like to think about losing their dogs, but compulsory free microchipping might be the solution to reducing dog homelessness.

Claudia Bensimoun

Freelance writer

© Copyright 2012

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