December 9, 2022


  1. We have an 18 month old K9 GSD of Cz line, he is the smartest and sweetest dog we have ever owned. Very lovable and loyal . He is also very protective of my Husband and myself!

  2. In general terms the article is accurate. However, there are a mumber of lines within the working shepherds that display various attributes. Also, during the mid late 60’s there was wholesale breeding of the American show lines to a specific dog that was weak nerved. This had a very negative result to this line of dogs. Finally, up to recently, German dogs were Often hip checked at one year vs 2 years, leading to certifying hips that couldn’t be certified at 2 years.

  3. I wish I would of read this BEFORE I purchased our two pups. They are american bred GS. I have wonderful dogs. Dont get me wrong. But I got sorely disappointed when I wanted a personal protection and she is not cutting the mustard for that. Raven is a great family and all around dog. She is a great watch dog will bark at strangers from home. But out in public she acts like a labrador and wants to lick everyone to death. She also has low drive. After twenty minutes of play with her brother she just is too pooped to go on. She has been heartworm tested and vet checked so I have thought maybe she is just lazy?

  4. Great article with really good info.The best information and right to the point on explaining the different lines of german shepherds. My wife and I own a 7 year old female Sadie, more on the American line.We also own a year and a half old female Maggie that is a east,west working line pup and we now own a 2 month old female Jessie which is a czech (east) working line.All three of our girls are awesome dogs.This article is right on point about the drive,energy,looks and protection!

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