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A puppy named Byrdie delayed several flights at New York’s LaGuardia Airport when she escaped from her crate and frolicked around a busy runway.

It’s happened yet again. Escaped K9 at the airport! Not only is this dangerous, but also avoidable.

Had the airport not been able to track down the owner, this may have been a sad ending for Byrdie.

Buy only the best when it comes to crates for traveling and flying. Do not borrow or use old and possibly damaged crates. Buying the very best quality crates is not only important for safety, but also for your dogs’ comfort.

Stay with your furry -friend at the airport until he is ready to board. Some airlines allow for small dogs to fly with them in the passenger section. Guide dogs can travel with you too. Try  to avoid flying your dogs in cargo.

A great airline for animal travel is   Pet Air

Don’t be hesitant to inquire about the airlines emergency policy, should the flight be delayed or arrive at the wrong destination.

Ask the airlines about the plans they have in case Fido ends up on the wrong airlines or possibly injured.

Make sure that all animals are micro chipped and all contact information is on the crate and in triplicate.

Have many photographs of your furry- friend and be sure to have one on the crate, with your documents and in another safe place.

Pet insurance is always recommended and most veterinarians welcome giving out information on preferred airlines for canine travel.

Happy Canine Travels!


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  1. That is deeply worrying and quite avoidable, indeed. We’re hearing of it more and more and can’t believe that better care isn’t kept of them before loading. Quality boxes are certainly necessary.

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