By Claudia Bensimoun


South Africa has an indigenous breed that is now being registered as ‘africanis’.

The dogs in the breed don’t look the same- there are several different-looking groups within the breed, according to their geographical origins. They are rather like the German shepherd when it was first registered.

These dogs have been here for centuries and are extremely hardy and resistant to diseases and parasites such as ticks. They hardly ever come down with biliary-tick bite fever and show no signs of hip dysplasia, normally found in shepherds.  The wolf blood totally cancelled out hip problems in these dogs. They are hardy like the mountain ponies you find out in the countryside. The longevity of the offspring was also greatly increased by the wolf blood in these Bushdogs.

Many breeders are crossing these again with German shepherds. South African breeders say that the temperament is unsuitable for work. However if you get the percentage of wolf blood reduced to 12.5%, one has a less skittish,more self controlled dog.These dogs are great in the home but need room to roam such as large farms and plenty of exercise.They are also very protective of their families but are calm and sometimes shy with fun personalities if given the right environment.

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