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White German Shepherd

Claudia Bensimoun


Photo Credit. Wiki Commons

There’s probably no better subject than the White German shepherd. In 1933 they were banned from showing and in 1968 banned from competing , although they could compete in the confirmation classes. They were bred for show and as companion dogs.

Fortunately, in 1969 the White German shepherd club was formed and in 1977 the International Club was made official. Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland once again recognized them as a separate breed-the Swiss shepherd.

They were imported from Ann Tracy’s kennels to the Hanchett kennels in the US in the 1920’s.


  • These dogs are not albinos. They have normal colored eyes, paws, eyelids and nose.
  • White coats, which should be snow white, but a light tan passes.
  • Coat is of a medium length with the normal thickening around the neck area.
  • Obedient and very similar to the German shepherd.  Responsive and energetic.


Genetic research has shown that the code for white coats in German shepherds is the MC1R gene and that this gene is completely unrelated to the albino gene.

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