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 What is Tui Na?

  • This form of Chinese massage for dogs, offers a highly effective form of bodywork that is becoming more popular today, as pet parents are drawn towards natural healing.
  • The hand techniques help to promote the flow of chi-energy and blood through the meridian system that feeds and energizes the dog’s body. If there is a blockage in the continuous flow of chi and blood, the body becomes unbalanced and may develop health issues. Tui Na helps move energy past blocked points and eases muscle tension, thereby offering comfort and an energy lift to the patient.
  • Many veterinarians practice this massage throughout the US- Animal Fixer

Why is this Tui Na used?

  • Tui Na treats so many ailments and was used in ancient China to maintain and restore the harmonious flow of life-promoting energy-(chi, qi or ki)
  • Helps muscle, ligament and tendon conditions
  • Great for aging ailments like arthritis, joint stiffness and lethargy.
  • Most of all enhances mental focus and helps your furry friend feel good.
  • Despite every treatment known to modern veterinary science — from glucosamine tablets to prednisone to monthly injections designed to protect the cartilage in his joints, the only thing that has helped many aging dogs was Tui Na.

When not to use Tui Na

  • During the whole duration of a pregnancy
  • After eating
  • On skin irritations or wounds
  • On a very ill or frail dog

Tui Na can be beneficial for your canine but only if practiced by a veterinarian that has studied Tui Na.There are some dangers involved as the link given here to a veterinarian explains. Veterinary Practice News


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