WORLD VETS                     

This organization, which is similar to Vets Without Borders, travels the world and provides international animal aid-veterinary assistance. This is a group that consists of veterinarians, animal health technicians and veterinary students. They have sent teams down to Haiti and many countries that have suffered natural disasters. They provide vaccines; veterinary medications, equipment and many other much needed relief supplies.

World Vets focuses on education and public health and educate people about zoonotic diseases, which are diseases that are carried by animals and transmitted to humans and from humans to animals.

In my previous blog, I discussed Vets Without Borders and you may be wondering if these two animal aid groups differ in any way. The models differ in that WORLD VETS aims at building long term sustainable relationships with partner countries. They work together with health authorities and community leaders so as to educate the public in these countries. It is a volunteer organization that largely depends on donations and each of the veterinarians; techs and students pay for their own travel expenses .

Most animals in third world countries do not receive the care needed.These animal aid groups help educate people about vaccinations,animal health and donate much needed medical assistance during times of war and natural disasters

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