We’ve all been through it, over and over. Is this good for my dog?

Have you noticed that more dog parents are giving their furry friends more healthier foods and supplements?

Seaweed or kelp is a sea vegetable which is also known as dulse.It is found in abundance in the north Atlantic.

Benefits of Seaweed

Kelp can help balance the thyroid because of the natural iodine found in the sea vegetable , it works on the thyroid to help regulate it.

Large dogs often have thyroid problems,especially labs and setters.

Kelp helps strengthen the heart as it is high in iron and enriches the blood.Seaweed also prevents toxic metal absorption in dogs.

Kelp is also great for helping with your dog’s digestion and is used as a digestive aid .It keeps the digestive juices balanced and provides great acidic levels.

The iodine in kelp/seaweed helps to strengthen the whole digestive system.

Kelp or seaweed is either available as a kelp powder or supplement and  adds an additional benefit, great shiny coats ,stronger teeth and nails.It also promotes more milk in lactating dogs and helps with weight gain for dogs that have difficulty gaining weight.

Is Spirulina Seaweed?

No! Many people confuse the two.

Spirulina, a common name for human and animal food supplements  is produced primarily from two species of cyanobacteria: Arthrospira platensis, and Arthrospira maxima.

Best Places For Seaweed Shopping



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