Common NamesImage  Basenji, African Bush Dog, African Barkless Dog, Ango Angari, Avuvi, Congo Dog, Zande

Dog Breed Type:  The Basenji is a hound breed. They originated as hunting dogs, and are still used for hunting in Africa.

Background:  The Basenji originated in Africa, where it was a favorite of Egyptian pharaohs. The breed wasn’t successfully brought to England until the 1930s, and was then introduced to the United States. Most Western Basenjis are descended from the original imports, but more were imported from Africa in the 1980s to increase the gene pool.

The Basenji  known for its hunting prowess , is full of energy and playfulness.Being short coated, grooming is easy and most kennels place this breed in the hound group.They howl and yodel and lack the bark of the ‘original dog’.This breeds original stock foundation comes from the Congo Basin.


Basenji are small, elegant-looking, short-haired dogs with erect ears, a tightly curled tail and a graceful neck. A basenji’s forehead is wrinkled, especially when the animal is young or extremely old. Basenji eyes are typically almond-shaped, which gives the dog the appearance of squinting .

The Basenji is an alert dog that can be affectionate, energetic, curious and reserved with strangers. This breed can also be  speedy, frisky, tireless at play and wanting to play all the time. The Basenji,although aloof, sometimes forms strong bonds with people and often becomes emotionally attached to those closest to him. Basenjis may not get along with non-canine pets, since they are known for their hunting skills and have a high prey drive.
Many Basenjis suffer from PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), which causes blindness, and Fanconi syndrome, which can cause kidney failure. Besides Fanconi Syndrome and PRA, Basenjis also suffer from Hypothyroidism, IPSID (immunoproliferative systemic intestinal disease), and HA (Hemolytic Anemia). Basenjis are also sensitive to environmental and household chemicals which can cause liver problems.They also suffer from skin allergies.
Fanconi syndrome is an inheritable disorder in which the kidneys fail to reabsorb electrolytes and nutrients.
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  1. There are two of these dogs at the dog park I frequent. They play fearlessly. One in particular, goes toe to toe with a large German shepherd. They’re a joy to watch. Love the GSD pup on the page.

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