The Pharaoh Hound is one of the oldest known domesticated dogs. His predecessor being the dog-like animal called the “Canis Familaris Leineri.”

The Pharaoh Hound had its origin in ancient Egypt and it is thought that the Pharaoh Hound was brought from Egypt by the Phoenicians when they settled on the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Gozo.

The preservation of the breed can be credited to Malta (and Gozo) where it is known to have existed for over 2,000 years, having survived in its’ purest form.

These dogs have remained unchanged from the original Pharaoh hounds that were  depicted in ancient Egyptian tombs.


Graceful and elegant

Athletic, slender

Skull resembles a blunt wedge

Body longer than its height

Tail down when relaxed


21-25 inched at wither


Fine and short silky to hard

White marking on chest,toes,tail- tip- center of forehead and bridge of muzzle.





An active breed

Sociable with other dogs and people

Affectionate but sometimes shy

Not yappy and bonds wonderfully with people


Sensitive to barbiturate anaesthetics and prone to frostbite when in cold climates.

Life expectancy 12-15 years

Sensitive skin and prone to allergies with certain shampoos.

Very little shedding

Active like greyhounds but not hyperactive

Strong prey drive and independent

AKC recognized in 1983.


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