The mission of Australian Dingoes USA is to preserve the original gene pool of the virtually endangered species Canis Lupus Dingo, a pure, ancient descendant of the wolf species.Pedigree Australian Dingo puppies are available for purchase as domestic dogs throughout the US .


The first pairs of Australian Dingo puppies arrived in the USA in February 2010, it seems  that these are the only pedigreed Dingo pups in the US. Domestication has already begun in Australia, but they believe in not limiting these efforts to Australia only, and have already imported purebred Dingoes to America as well. 

Save the Dingo

Dingoes inhabited a vast country

Apex predators roaming free;

Adapted over a period of time

Sizes and coats to suit the clime.

Sailing ships brought settlers galore

From the British Isles to a southern


Soon from the coast o’er the Great Divide

Flocks of sheep covered the countryside.

Is it necessary to relate?

Predators are a shepherd’s pet hate,

Possible a killer of small stock

A demon of the shepherd’s flock.

Mankind displays incredible greed

Lusts for power. Strives to succeed,

Destroying nature to suit its whims

Most damning of his mortal sins.

Poor canine, how they persecute,

Poison trap and try to shoot;

Oh Australians – UNDERSTAND!

Your Dingo’s unique, belongs to the


A poem by Dave Toll – South African Naturalist and poet.

Claudia Bensimoun

© Copyright 2012

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