Each day more dogs enter shelters only to be scheduled for euthanasia.Many dogs enter the shelters together and are inseparable,making it hard to adopt them out together.Most dogs show compassion and comfort each other in the gloom of their cages and many others develop depression and aggression only to make it seem impossible to adopt them out.However most shelter dogs need that second chance to once again adapt to normal surroundings and to receive the love and care that they deserve. Many aggressive dogs like Michael Vic’s dogs ,that were abused can still show love, as Best Friends Animal Shelter can show you with their video  of Ellen. She was considered one of the biggest success stories among the Vics dogs.

Many experts believed that all of Vics dogs would be better off dead because they had little chance of living a normal life.However, Ellen was known to have been one of the friendliest dogs at the sanctuary.

Marina Dervan and Mark Barone    have created ‘An Act of Dog’ , a non-profit 501 C 3, for the sole purpose of protecting the lives of our furry companions and best friends and ensuring that all of America’s shelters adopt the proven and successful model of the NO-KILL EQUATION.

Their mission is to raise $20 million dollars in two years, to be donated in its entirety to No Kill Shelters,Rescue groups, and towards medical needs,spay and neuter, rehabilitation programs and the very proactive marketing campaign.

If a museum opens up in Bradenton,Florida as planned, it could be the first dog art museum depicting shelter dogs in their final days.This would also make Bradenton the headquarters for the nationwide “no kill” movement.

No Kill Community

In order to be a “ no kill “community the save rate of shelter dogs needs to be over 90 percent.

Manatee County may actually be the first county to reach the 90% rate for “no kill” at their shelters.



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