December 2, 2022


  1. Heres hoping many hear your voice and heed your words Jennifer.
    Saddened to read this dingo has been destroyed – have you any information about how and why this occurred? It really is time that a study of human behaviors around dingoes was under taken – maybe the penalties might be redirected to the irresponsible actions of humans or better still use some of the vast sums of $ from fraser tourism to further educate us whilst around dingoes and create new programs to protect the declining numbers of pure dingoes. This might even reintroduce feeding stations. It’s time these arguments and voices like your own were REALLY heard and understood.

  2. Jennifer Parkhurst is probably the best expert of the dingoes of Fraser Island there is.
    Her 7 year research is of great value.
    The dingoes and Jennifer now have the support of Dr. Jane Goodall, who as you said; Claudia Dr. Jane Goodall named her animals as did Jennifer, they both recognise animals are individual and have emotions.
    Jane Goodall believes that emotion with regards to saving animals is as important as scientific facts and both work hand in hand.
    Jennifer is gentle, quiet spoken, articulate woman paid an enormous price for whistleblowing on the demise and cruel conditions of the Fraser Island dingoes. As both she and Jane said they didn’t ask to be pushed into the public eye. They both have moral conscience and ethics that seems sadly lacking in today’s society.
    Jennifer followed her conscience and her humanity, seeing F.I. Dingoes and puppies slowly and painfully die from starvation.
    Following her conscience and her humanity, seeing F.I. Dingoes and puppies slowly and painfully die from starvation.
    Over 13 months Jennifer was subjected to persecution unheard of in Australia.
    Hers is the worst case of a whistleblower being targeted and her life made a living hell.
    There are many questions on the legality of Jennifer’s conviction that still needs asking?
    “If we Kill off the wild then, we are killing part of our souls “ Jane Goodall.

  3. I went to Fraser Is last year for the first time and my entire family were thrilled to see the dingoes roaming the beaches. So sad that man and nature have to be enemies. 🙁

  4. Thanks Claudia for putting Jennifer’s video on your website. The video is very informative and I am sure it will help in making people aware of how to behave on Fraser Island to be mindful and helpful to the dingoes. It is horrifying that if nothing is changed, the dingoes will become extinct on Fraser Island within 5 years. It is important to make people aware of this fact and support Jennifer’s and SFID work to change the present management so as to ensure the dingo’s long term survival.
    In my view the fact that the dingoes face extinction within 5 years is due to the current management, needs to be clearly emphasized in the introduction to that video. It is an excellent comment by Tracey and I agree with it.

  5. It would be tragic for the Fraser Island Dingoes to become extinct. What are people coming to if a species becomes extinct and we know it’s happening! I think that the dingoes do not need the management plan – it is the tourists and people that go to Fraser Island that need managing as they are entering onto a World Heritage listed National Park that is there for fauna and flora.

  6. Thank you Claudia. By making this video available through another medium, it further supports the efforts being made by Jennifer and SFID, to make people aware of the urgency in protecting the dingoes on Fraser Island. I can’t say anymore because everything that matters has been echoed in the responses and also, by the unconditional love that Jen has for these beautiful, beautiful animals.

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