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One thousand dingoes have been trapped on Fraser Island since 2001.There needs to be an urgent overhaul of the dingo plan.

The management of dingoes on Fraser Island  and the cruel death of a Fraser Island dingo during a government- sanctioned experiment last year has many people questioning the unfortunate event.

Dingo activists like Jennifer Parkhurst is supported by Jane Goodall who said “ the current approach to dingo management on Fraser Island has created enormous suffering as a result of a government-driven management program compiled without proper research. She is “ deeply “saddened “by the dingoes plight.

The report details that the dingo suffered extensive bruising, particularly around the throat and genitals, as well as hemorrhaging to the thorax, limbs, neck, eye and lumbar region.It appeared to have struggled against strangulation, while being strangled by a pole-noose and a pinning device. The necropsy states that the dingo was in good health prior to dying.

Claudia Bensimoun

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  1. Many people in the Southern States are becoming aware of the appauling cruelty of the authorities in dealing with our beautiful native dogs, and I, for one, would never revisit Fraser Island with that regime of decimation of dingoes in place. In 1987 John and I sat with a howling pair of dingoes under the full moon at midnight on the shores of Lake McKenzie, and it was one of the most magical experiences I have been priveleged to witness. I can confirm that the wild dingoes were in no way aggressive. We treated them as wild animals and kept our distance, letting them approach us. It breaks my heart to think of them assailed by ignorant tourists and park rangers, tagged, tortured and starved.
    What is Tony Burke doing? He and his department are aware of this maltreatment and seem to do nothing. He is ultimately responsible for these dingoes because they are in a National Park. We cannot expect much from Campbell Newman, so what are we to do? Larissa Waters, your Queensland Greens Senator, should be asked to raise this issue in Federal Parliament. And we need a nation wide action recommended on these terrific bloggs so that we can continue to raise the profile of these wonderful animals, pressure politicians and perhaps save them from extinction.

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