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Probably one of the most effective international rescue groups, Four Paws International reaches out to animals in each and every country.While countries such as Egypt and Libya seem a greater challenge for all animal rescue, Four Paws International has volunteers throughout the world.

Our vision

‘Our vision is a world without animal suffering. We view ourselves as the advocate and champion of those who have no voice of their own, namely animals. The common foundation for this is the respect for all forms of life and the deep conviction that every organism has a right to be treated with consideration and to live a life with dignity that complies with its needs. Animals are sentient creatures and therefore subjectively perceive the world; we as humans bear responsibility for them.

For us, the goals of animal protection, human safety and nature conservation are inseparably linked. We therefore feel a solidarity with all those who use peaceful and legal means to achieve a respectful coexistence with one another and with the environment. We as an animal protection organisation seek to contribute our share to achieving this goal.’ FOUR PAWS .



Claudia Bensimoun

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