Four Paws Ukraine are an animal welfare group in the Ukraine ,that not only cares for stray dogs but also for brown bears.

Four Paws International

Huge neutering program June 2012 Ukraine.


Large scale stray animal neutering,vaccination and release-April 2012. No euthanasia anywhere!



They are asking for everyone’s help with the 80 Ukranian bears that still need saving. Some of these bears have never seen another bear, whilst others are standing in cages of concrete.You can absolutely see and feel their pain and suffering.

We were all excited with the rescuing of baby bear Nastia, however the zoo manager at Lutsk apparently has still not been fired and continues to manage the zoo.Just keep in mind, that this is the same zoo manager that sold bear cub, Nastia to animal traders and was aware of what was happening to Nastia.

There’s more at play here than just compelling images of abused or homeless animals on YouTube.There’s a cry for every single one of us to participate as a community, as a country, to help put an end to all animal suffering that still seems to continue into 2012.From No Kill Shelters, to saving wildlife from extinction and being hunted and sold illegally,the challenge that is at hand for all Animal Welfare agencies, is not an easy one .One needs to look beyond your backyard and to visit the work of other Animal Welfare Organizations worldwide,not only in our countries.

Dr Amir Khalil is the director of Project Development and Natural Resources for Four Paws International and is now in South Africa at Lionsrock Sanctuary.

‘Countless stray dogs have been killed in the Ukraine, in the run-up to the UEFA Football Championship, which is due to start in June. FOUR PAWS will save thousands of stray dogs’ lives by sending vets to various cities and towns in the Ukraine for a very special spay and neutering project.’Four Paws International .March 2012

This wonderful animal rescue group also decided to donate a bear ambulance for the rescue and transfer of the 80 bears, that is still to happen.Thanks to Four Paws International,  a Brown Bear Rehabilitation center was opened in 2011.Ukranian authorities have now also banned the keeping of brown bears in captivity, although cases such as Nastia-bear cub still seem to occur.



Four Paws International-Dr Amir Khalil

Thanks to them, they are now able to rescue all confiscated brown bears ,and provide all needed medical equipment and medicines ,as well as training for all the staff at the bear rehabilitation center.

Claudia Bensimoun

©Copyright 2012


  1. Why can’t they get rid of the zoo director who broke the law? It’s been months. . . . The mother and baby must be reunited ASAP

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