Most dogs love to travel, and we often take them with us.Sometimes internationally! But what happens if they get sick or injured outside of the US.It’s not surprising that many dog parents are thoroughly researching their pet insurance coverage, especially with the rising costs of veterinary bills .

Pets Best Insurance covers international claims and according to many policyholders, health coverage continues even when temporarily out the country.

Pets Best Insurance is one of the only pet insurers to give this sort of protection to pet parents.

Enrollment :

Pet parents must reside in the US to enroll.

Pets must be seen by a licensed veterinarian while traveling.

Emergency veterinarian costs are covered.

Here’s what is so fantastic.

Reimbursement by Pets Best ,according to dog parents is simple and easy.Just send the veterinary bill from the country that you are visiting and Pets Best covers it.The invoice can also be filed online and the claim payment directly deposited into your bank account.The claim can be submitted in any currency so you do not have to convert the invoice.

Pets Best is based in Boise,Idaho and reimburses pet parents for 80% o of veterinary services after a deductible.There is no fee restriction and no benefit schedules.

No age restrictions

Dog parents can choose any  licensed veterinarian.

Any pet has guaranteed acceptance for accident-only policies.

Even seriously ill pets will get coverage against unexpected costs from accidental injury.Definitely a big bonus!

How to get Pets Best Insurance?

Aetna Insurance Company of Connecticut (AICC) underwrites insurance plans that are provided by Pets Best Insurance.Pets Best Insurance have recently partnered up with AVMA.



There are plenty of opportunities for dog parents to avoid being caught by surprise with a huge veterinary emergency that most times run in the thousands. Keeping in mind that Pets Best Insurance not only seems affordable for everyone, but also does not rule out age and prior medical conditions ,for accidental insurance this does seem to be a great pet insurance.As for international coverage, that’s an added plus.

I would love comments on how many dog parents have not been able to afford a veterinary surgery or have had a major veterinary emergency and have not been able to pay their veterinary bills.Many pet parents have had to turn to media to get funding for emergency veterinary surgery ,or turn to Rescues with more affordable veterinary care.Please get pet insurance.This does help tremendously and can save your dog’s life .

Claudia Bensimoun

© Copyright 2012


  1. I’m blown away with this pet insurance policy. I highly respect so many things about it from no breed or age discrimination to the ease of claiming back your money. Thanks for spreading the word about it 🙂

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