The Garmin DC40 are dog tracking collars which use GPS to transmit information.

Basic Idea of this GPS:

Both you and your dog have a GPS system.

It’s not surprising that many dogs get lost hiking.High -drive dogs tend to stray the most since they become highly aroused and  are more easily stimulated .These dogs whilst obedient, can also get highly distracted by a scent and suddenly disappear on a trail chasing a rabbit or something else just as interesting.Every dog parent whilst hiking shares the desire to know where their dogs are if this happens unexpectedly.The Garmin Astro GPS  is a popular alternative to the older GPS collars and what’s great is that it functions well in heavy foliage .

1.Relays where your dog is.The GPS that your dog wears will pick up the signal from the satellite.

2.Relays whether he is moving or stationary.The dog GPS then sends a radio signal to your handheld GPS with your dogs location.

3.The Garmin DC 40 is an ideal favorite because it also shows in which direction your dog is moving and the speed at which your dog is moving.

4.It logs in the speed, data, stopping-resting time, elevation change, map coordinates etc.Your GPS knows where you are in relation to your dogs location and will plot your dogs location on your GPS screen making it easy to see where you are and where your dog is.

Many dog parents are going for this option since this GPS can be used in  dense vegetation as well as urban settings.It locks into satellites and maintains locks.Ebay sells used and news Garmin Astro .

Claudia Bensimoun

© Copyright 2012


  1. Great for long dog hikes in heavy vegetation where your dogs are off leash or if you take your dogs camping or swimming in rivers and roughing it up.Many dogs with a high prey drive such as German shepherds may sometimes track an interesting scent and unexpectedly run off.I like the fact that this GPS is easy to use and works even in dense foliage and urban settings.Woof!

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