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The Troff water pouch holds 17 ounces of water and is eco-friendly.When empty one can roll it up,reuse and store.It can also be frozen during the summer and thawed out .Perfect for hikes, dog shows and travel.This pouch is mess free and is great for hotel stays or when you are on the go with Fido.Although on the pricey side-$15.99 for 3 pouches, there are many advantages .


  • Twist off top, making it easy to use with a non-spill valve.
  • Decrease spread of germs by not using a communal dog bowl such as in the park.
  • One can monitor the amount of water your dog has and add the necessary electrolytes when dehydrated as advised by your veterinarian.
  • Super convenient for dog shows and travel.
  • Eco-friendly.


Awesome packaging that looks trendy and is definitely on my must try list .


Amazon sells Troff at $11.71.



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