What is vaccine-induced meningoencephalitis?

Post Rabies induced encephalitis

  • Shows up in the system 10-21 days after the rabies vaccination.
  • Symptoms are similar to rabies
  • limpness
  • paralysis
  • severe inflammation of the dog’s brain and spinal cord.

Veterinarians say that symptoms will vary according to which part of the nervous system is affected.



Rabies vaccines fall into two categories

  • Modified live- these vaccines have the ability to become active and may cause diseases including the vaccine induced rabies
  • ‘Killed’-these vaccines cannot cause disease, but can trigger off serious allergic reactions.

Most Important Tip About These Vaccines.

The sick dog is not infectious to other dogs ,nonetheless the condition is incurable and terminal.

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“It appears that even at 20% of the gross revenue, rabies shots may constitute 100% of the net profits – or even worse, subsidize a net-deficit practice – of average small-vet practices. The loss of two years of shots, on which these practices seem dependent, would have a devastating economic impact if not replaced.A vial of rabies vaccine costs the veterinarian about 61 cents and is typically administered at a cost to the guardian of from $15 to $38 – not including the $35 office visit. In perspective, an 18-oz. package of Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes® is $2.20 to the grocer and approximately $2.75 retail. If the grocer’s mark-up were comparable to that of rabies vaccine, Frosted Flakes would cost $137 without the office visit and more than $260 with it. To borrow Tony the Tiger’s expression, that size of a mark-up is “Gr-r-reat!”(courtesy of
Take out 1 year of rabies vaccination and the consequential office visit– just for dogs — and the average small-practice vet’s income drops from approximately $87,000 to $25,000 — and this doesn’t include cats or other vaccinations!”(courtesy of

How Does Biogal Help All Dog Parents?

Requesting the use of Biogal titers-Vaccicheck – means that no blood work has to be sent to a lab and all work is done in-house,making the costs much more affordable for pet parents.It’s no surprise to many upset dog parents that many veterinarians will insist on revaccinating your dogs each year.Not only is this not healthy for your dogs ,but it is also expensive .Biogal titers done in-house at the clinic will run at a cost of $20 and prevent any unnecessary vaccinations being given.

What Is Titer Testing?

Titer testing helps to measure the level of antibodies in a blood sample.However with Biogal, this can be done at the clinic and no blood work needs to be sent out, thus making it much more affordable to do.VacciCheck costs vets $20 per titer.

Vaccicheck is a single in-clinic test that accurately measures canine antibody titer to Infectious Hepatitis (ICH), Parvovirus (CPV) and Distemper (CDV).Nonetheless, some research indicates that  dogs can have high titers but low immunity or low titers and strong immunity.Costs of doing titers depends on the number of tests being done.The more tests on numerous dogs, the cheaper the cost.So places like shelters and kennels will have the cheaper costs running titers.Titer testing helps when there is an outbreak and shelters need to determine  which dogs are protected.

This test measures parvovirus and distemper as well as also adenovirus.  Vaccicheck also has a test for felines.

Although all veterinarians and dog parents agree vaccines are necessary, the yearly frequency in which they’re given is questioned and with Biogal-Vaccicheck, one can have a simple affordable test done right at the clinic with no side effects.There have been so many dogs that have suffered devastating side effects from the Rabies vaccine.

“If your dog is due for a rabies shot, consult a vet trained in homeopathy if possible. A homeopathic remedy given with the shot, or even afterwards, may reduce or even eliminate the chance of ill effects.”  Dr. Richard Pitcairn.


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