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For all ‘Scottie’ parents, cancer is the most feared disease.Cancer grows inside the body and can go unnoticed  for a long while- silent killer.Some breeds like the Scottish terrier are more prone to liver cancer than other breeds.Scotties often get primary tumors of the liver.Most importantly is how the liver is affected when cancer has spread from other parts of the body.Scotties are also unfortunately more prone to certain cancers than other dogs.

  • bladder cancer
  • transitional cell carcinomas of the lower urinary tract
  • malignant melanoma
  • gastric carcinoma
  • lymphosarcoma
  • nasal carcinoma
  • mast cell carcinoma
  • liver cancer


  • balance problems
  • weight loss
  • crytorchidism

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  • drug induced anorexia
  • bleeding disorders
  • jaundice as disease progresses
  • lethargy
  • greenish faeces
  • increased thirst
  • increased urination


  • Nutrition is very important
  • The cancer diet must be a protein based one from either soybean or milk.
  • A cancer diet must contain all the necessary amounts of vitamins such as Vitamin C and zinc, but must be low in copper.
  • Vitamin E may be added in larger amounts as this vitamin aids the liver and promotes healing.
  • Adding selenium at 200 micrograms a day repairs damage in the DNA molecule and kills any future cancer cell growth.
  • Vitamin A is sometimes used as a cancer treatment in oncology.



  • Rimadayl-  arthritis meds-  in some instances this drug has been found to produce a severe but reversible cancer.
  • Steroid and anti-inflammatories
  • Oxybendazole-this ingredient is in Filaribits Plus and is thought to have caused liver cancer in many Scotties, when the product first came out in the market.
  • Anticonvulsants can cause changes in blood work and sometimes can cause real liver cancer.
  • Prednisone and Cortisone given in excess can cause Cushings Syndrome.
  • Having blood work done prior to any surgeries even before a dental cleaning is important.

Research from the  National Canine Foundation show that 35% of all cancers are caused by dietary imbalances.Too much meat,chicken, fish and dairy has given rise to higher cancer rates in dogs.

Diet plays a large role in cancer formation as well as cancer prevention. Carcinogens in dog food can alter genetic formation and turn healthy cells into potential cancer cells.

Over -vaccination, poor diets and the genetic makeup of your dog are all factors that can make your dog more susceptible to cancer.


  • Adding  assorted vegetables to a diet will let your dog have the benefits of the phytonutrients that are in these fruits and vegetables.
  • Cabbage, kale,bok choy,turnips,rutabagas,mustard greens and brussel sprouts are  crusciferous vegetables that aid in protecting your dogs from cancer.
  • No saturated fats.
  • Low animal fats
  • Lots of Omega -3 fatty acids since these stop the tumor from growing.
  • Adding one to two tablespoons of flax oil or flaxseeds-ground.
  • Add fucoidan-polymer found in brown seaweed-this can dissipate cancer cells.Fucoidan also boosts the body immune system.Fucoidan blocks a cancer cell’s ability to replicate.
  • Essiac tea-the essiac formula reduces the sizes of cancer masses and a reduction in pain and discomfort.
  • Wobenzym N-this is a systemic enzyme supplement .Wobenzym contains  chymotrypsin which dissolves the outer  protein layer of the cancer cells, which then in turn allows for the immune system or the anti- cancer meds to center and  start destroying the cancer cells.
  • Poly-MVA destroys cancer cells by interfering with their metabolism- administered orally .
  • Selenium- this mineral is a trace mineral and required only in small amounts.Super important in cancer prevention in dogs.

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Combining  cancer therapies and creating a specific program with your veterinarian, will allow for dog parents to combine both holistic and conventional  cancer treatments.

‘Since 1950, Morris Animal Foundation has invested in more than 800 canine health studies for a total of $30 million. This foundation was established by Dr.Mark l. Morris.’

‘Improved Cancer Treatments and Diagnostics: As a leader in funding animal cancer studies, Morris Animal Foundation has supported nearly 200 canine cancer studies. These studies have led to more effective chemotherapy treatments for bone cancer, soft-tissue sarcomas and lymphoma, the development an early diagnostic test for lymphoma and the identification of genetic causes for lymphoma. Funding also helped establish two programs that train cancer scientists and a national tumor tissue bank, which now helps canine cancer researchers study eight different cancers.’ Morris Animal Foundation.

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