“The passion that moves us forward is from

experiencing what Cancer really does to the ones we love.

We are driven because there is a hole in our soul

                                                                        where once was the love of our dog.” Gary D. Nice


Cancer is not a death sentence, but can be overwhelming.However many things can be done to help dogs with a cancer diagnosis.Dr. Demian Dressler  in Hawaii and Dr.Ettinger in New York both discuss cancer and  full spectrum care-using any tool that can benefit our dogs and getting rid of all biases .Dr.Demian Dressler has a great dog cancer blog and information to help dogs stricken with cancer.One in two dogs is predicted to get cancer in their lives.It used to be one in three but today cancer in dogs is the number one killer. Cyberknife treatment for brain and nasal tumors run between $7500 to $8000.This is inclusive of cat scans and anesthesia.Dogs stay for a week to receive treatment which often run up to three in a week.The Cyberknife treatment is only done by Dr.Ettinger in New York and Colorado Sate University Animal Cancer Center.Dogs from Canada, Virginia and other states have been treated and dog parents find this method convenient, because the cancer can be treated in a short time frame.


Links to Cancer Centers for Dogs in the US and Worldwide

Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center

Veterinary Oncology Centers Worldwide

Veterinary Society of Oncology Centers in the US

Canine Cancer Twitter Link

National Cancer Foundation for Canines

Dog Cancer Support Group

Max the dog and the cyberknife blog

Causes of Cancer in Dogs

  • Carcinogens-air, water, diet
  • Dog Food-the sodium nitrate turns into potent carcinogens as well as the fish meal often found in dog food. Because dog food is super heated, the food ingredients have the potential to change genes.
  • Early vaccines also may lead to early cancer in dogs-shift in the immune system.
  • Spay/Neuter at a young age will increase the odds of getting cancer. Research linked to children and vaccines.
  •  Increased rate of bladder, bone, blood vessel and prostate cancer linked to early spay and neuter in dogs.Recommended neuter/spay at a year and a half to prevent increased odds.
  • Role of Psychology Connection-neuro immunology-body and mind link.The higher the stress level in dogs, the higher the odds of getting cancer.

Recommended Books

The Dog Cancer Diet by Dr.Demian Dressler

The Dog Cancer Survivor Guide by Dr.Demian Dressler


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