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Experienced volunteer veterinarians with a minimum of 2 years experience in small animal care are urgently needed at both the Khanchanburi shelter and at Soi Dog’s shelter in Phuket. Interested veterinarians please contact Belinda Davis at:

“For example in January of this year according to official figures 1,968 dogs were rescued from a smuggler’s holding center in the district of Ban Tharae which is the center of the Thai dog meat industry. The full facts surrounding this one incident can be seen in the video which contains no images designed to shock. Suffice to say only around 100 of these dogs are alive 8 months later, in a remote shelter in NW Thailand that hosts the most extreme climate in Thailand, with the hottest summers, the coldest winters and heaviest rainfall.

And they continue to die, along with the remaining unclaimed pets abandoned during last years floods also kept at this center. That means 1868 dogs from that one raid have died or disappeared. Imagine the world outcry if this were a human tragedy. Yet these dogs have feelings the same as we do and unlike the other centers we visited where at least the majority of dogs are excited to see us, at Thong Pha Phum the dogs appear to have given up and simply lie there, clearly depressed as if knowing their fate.” Soi Dog Rescue


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