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Most dog parents know that the DNA of dingoes looks similar to the DNA of a dog, as does the DNA of the wolf.Dogs bond quickly with people and according to many dingo parents , dingoes bond with people too.As Stanley Coren mentions in ” Do Dogs Dream?, ” the genetic data would suggest that perhaps the simplest and most conservative conclusion, is that dogs are a genetic mixture of many existing wild canine species and perhaps even some that are now extinct.

Members of the public have an opportunity to have their say on how Fraser Island’s unique dingo population should be managed, via an online survey released .(until October 16 2012) Go to Ecosure’s website.

Watch this first.
“Ecosure is carrying out an impartial, scientific evaluation of the way dingos are managed on Fraser Island and will provide recommendations to improve visitor safety while maintaining a sustainable dingo population on the island.”

“Ecosure’s review of Fraser Island dingo management is fully independent and the consultants’ work is being overseen by a steering committee comprising a number of independent scientific experts,” Mr Powell said.

Environment Minister Andrew Powell said the review would broach hazing dingoes to make them fear humans, putting down animals and hand feeding.(My Sunshine

Can we save the dingoes?

Claudia Bensimoun

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