February 6, 2023


  1. Thanks for sharing! That was an interesting one. I know they have all different types of howls but cool to see them explained so clearly. Funny thing is my dog can’t howl, so when she is with her husky buddy who does howl she’ll bark in return. Obviously she gets what the purpose is so it maybe it’s generally understood among domesticated dogs as well.

  2. The Border Terrier morning “singing” is something else. Sometimes my terriers howl when I hop in the shower and they forget their not alone (separation anxiety?). Sometimes they know the rest of their pack is around yet they throw their heads back and start the chorus. It usually starts with a sad, plaintive sounding howl from my boy terrier who will be joined by my empathic girl terrier. They come together in song even if I’m standing right beside them.

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    My Border Terriers howl. Bossy never howled until Bark came along. But a true emphath she is, she’ll join in. And almost every morning after the sun rises, they’ll face each other and start. Bark starts it and Bossy joins in. The morning chorus I’m trying to put “on command”. We should all enjoy singing together like this.

  4. This was very interesting! I’ve only heard my girl Hannah howl once and it was when an ambulance drove by, with the siren on and it was really close to us. Hannah threw her little head back and let out this most amazing howl. It was so cute!

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