Imagine waking every morning and being able to do what you love. It could be helping rescues, feeding rescued pets and helping  place them in great forever homes.Spending the time doing what you love to do- being around animals and making a positive difference in their lives.

Imagine having the power to close down all puppy mills, locate all backyard breeders from Craigslist and make this a truly illegal way of operating.Imagine that today is the day that you can make a difference in a pet’s life.What if-very soon, not a long way off-you could help dogs, cats, horses and wildlife ,all over the world, and in many different ways.

Six Steps to Getting Started Now

1.Decide which rescues or organizations you want to help right now.Do not procrastinate.

2.Set up a website or part of your blog .

3.Don’t worry about the details-just go ahead.Once you start it will be hard to stop.

3.Blog about what you are doing to the world-not just to those nearby you.Animal rescues and wildlife organizations-need  help today.

4.Encourage others to help you, and in deciding which way you are going to help,the best approach is just to get started-in other words, think only about how many pets you can help get fostered, placed in new homes and funds raised for organizations.

5. If you are a traveler you could help overseas and aid in flying dogs back into the US- Soi Dog Rescue helps in such operations and so do many other rescues overseas.

6.Almost all of us can say that we procrastinate.Everyone has free time,go out and help.Teaching others to help animals-even transporting horses  and ponies in trailers helps.Bringing bales of hay to stables that have been hit hard by financial hardship helps.

7.Learning more about the needs of each animal shelter, wildlife organizations and farm areas in need -you will be overwhelmed by ideas to help.

8.Create your possibilities list with a bunch of recruited animal lovers .Write the list down immediately.When you do not know where to start-either go online and do research or obtain invaluable rescue magazines such as Best Friends.

9.Try to help in all Disaster and Recovery Areas-Post Sandy- uniting pets with pet parents, donating supplies -blankets and food.

10.Ban all pet stores throughout the USA and worldwide –Hong Kong, China from selling pets .

11.Raise public awareness of local  animal shelters and the no-kill movement.Shelter animals do not need to ever be on death row.

12.Look beyond the US and help animals internationally.

Claudia Bensimoun

© Copyright 2012


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