The Azawakh is otherwise known as the Tuareg sighthound,

Origin: Mali, Niger,Burkina Faso

Group: Sighthound,UKC

History of the Azawakh: This elegant breed is from the Sahara and the Sub-Saharan Sahel and their jobs included hunter,companion and guardian.The Tuareg tribe bred these dogs for their purity and beauty.This breed is still a rare breed internationally.

Description: Skinny, langly and tall .Hips are higher than the shoulders .With an unusually narrow head and intelligent , almond- shaped eyes,the Azawakh is regal in looks and confirmation.The coat is short and smooth with coloring ranging from white, grey, black, a blue grizzle and a variation of brown shades.

Height: 23.5- 29inches.

Weight: 35- 55 pounds

Temperament: Great softy-gentle, affectionate and sensitive.A really intelligent breed that can be protective.

Activity : Moderate

Not a great kennel dog, this breed needs to run and have plenty of exercise.Needs socialization and positive training.

Health Concerns: Cardiac problems,hip dysplasia,hypothyroidism, seizures and possibly spondylosis.

Azawakh Club

Azawakh wiki







Claudia Bensimoun


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