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The first luxury hotel for canines opened in Paris in 2011. Actuel Dogs in Vincennes outside of Paris, offers  the very best, catering to every dog’s unique needs. From heated pools, massage salons, gyms and training programs for their canine clients, Actuel Dogs not only pampers your canine while you’re at work but dines, trains and entertains them.The perfect place to remember if you’re traveling in Europe and want to lavish your furry-best friend with the best.

Le doggie velo-bicycle outings with Fido in the countryside

At Actuel Dogs ,furry-best friends enjoy a dip in the pool, relaxing massages, fine cuisine meals, calming walks through the nearby woods, and loads of other fun activities. When it’s time for a nap, canines are escorted to one of the hotel’s six rooms, adorned with soft cushions, framed dog prints and LCD Tvs, so they can watch their favorite DVDs.This sounds truly fantastic!
Before pet parents book their first stay, dogs are evaluated for aggressive behaviour, and if they pass they will enjoy a “concept that is human, but it’s completely adapted to dogs’ needs.”

Prices for a day at Actuel Dogs hotel vary between 26 and 35 euros ($36 – $48), but the luxury treatment and the fact that dogs aren’t kept in in small spaces, makes this an easy choice.

Dogs Rule!

Actuel Dogs bills itself as France’s first luxury hotel for dogs, and founders Devi and Stan Burun, a dog behaviour specialist and lifelong dog-lover, also offer training programmes for unruly canines and dog walks in the woods.Please go on their website, this luxury canine hotel is truly wonderful!After all, your canine does deserve the very best!


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