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Are you ever worried that your furry-best friend is too chubby?

                                     Can we track our pet’s health accurately ?
  •                     This  device is used to measure a dog’s temperature.
  •                      Pet parents can keep track of how much their dog is eating.
  •                      Monitor weight
  •                      Monitor stool condition

Tokyo, November 27, 2012 – Fujitsu announced the release of the Wandant() dog pedometer, based on motion-tracking technology(2) developed by Fujitsu Laboratories, and an associated cloud service(3) that supports health management for dogs-the first of its kind in the pet care industry. The new product and service will be made available only in Japan from November 28. Fujitso Limited

“Wan” is Japanese for “woof”, while “dant” comes from the word “pendant”.

The Wandant consists of a three-axis acceleration sensor, thermo-hygrometer, FeliCa module, volatile memory, microcomputer, button battery, etc. It counts the number of paces of a dog and checks its living environment (temperature and humidity), so that the pet parent can use the data for ensuring the dog’s health, Fujitsu said. The pedometer, whose weight is 20g or less, is attached to a dog collar.

“The data are presented graphically on a custom website that makes trends in the dog’s activities easy to understand at a glance,” according to the firm.

“This helps owners get a stronger sense of their dog’s health, while enabling communication with the dog.”

Image credit: WIKI

“This helps owners get a stronger sense of their dog’s health, while enabling communication with the dog.”

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  1. Very interesting! Our girl came out of the shelter “heartworm free”…. NOT. After a long, exhaustive treatment, we still worry for her heart on walks, despite her recovery. I’ll definitely be looking more into this — thanks!

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