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The Thai Dingo is smaller than the Australian Dingo .Thai Dingoes behave less like wild animals, and many are domesticated and live like pets.Nonetheless many still roam around scrounging for food.Food is often left out by the Thai’s since many are Buddhists ,and believe that they gain merit from doing this.

It is thought that Dingoes evolved between five and six thousand years ago from south Asian wolves, which are quite similar to the Indian Wolf and the Arabian Wolf.

The Thai Dingo is taxonomically identical to the Australian Dingo.However there are differences between both the Thai and Australian Dingo.


The Thai Dingo has shorter hair, and also tends to have black and ginger color variations in coat coloring.

Their behavior is also different and they seem to have adapted to living with people as pets.They also live as free-ranging dogs in urban areas.They are viewed by many as unexceptional mongrel dogs. In Australia they are viewed as wild animals, and are distinctly different from domesticated dogs.There are also domesticated dingoes in Australia, and many have been succesfully interbred with the domesticated dog.Often times in Asia the Thai Dingo is  carefully bred with the Thai Ridgeback.

Varieties of the Canis Lupus Dingo

  • Siamese Hairless Boran Dog-almost extinct and extremely rare.
  • Phu Quoc Ridgeback Dog- short haired primitive breed


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  4 comments for “THAI DINGO-THAI DOG

  1. Man
    January 10, 2014 at 3:16 am

    Thank you very much for putting up this information. Although I have found similar information from other web sources as well as on-line videos, more information is always better to help steer me to the right direction. The Thai Dingo interests me a lot because there are many many stray dogs in Thailand, most of which are fairly uniform in their physical form (size, stance, hair color, bone structure, etc.). It is very easy to distinguish between Thai dogs and foreign breeds, despite the presence of foreign breeds among stray dogs. Thai dogs still out number the foreign dogs by a very large margin. I have also taken up dogs from a dog foundation helping rid the streets of Bangkok of strays. My dogs fit perfectly in with all descriptions of Thai Boran Dog (so far so good). From first hand, I will say that my TBDs are loving, yet fierce towards strangers (humans and dogs) as well as foreign animals (all kinds of animals). They understand simple commands in human language very well, and they feel our energy very very well. When we want them to stop doing something, sometimes just saying their name and looking at them stiffly is possible to stop their uwanted behavior. They also find new ways of getting to food put up on high chairs and tables. When there is no food, they hunt small animals, but I do admit they like hunting small animals in general. Hence, with all this and more, with little teaching, with just voice commands and body language, without using any food items, it is easy to train them. I therefore, find these TBDs very intelligent and easy to get along with. I would recommend them to anyone, without hesitation (but make sure the dogs you will adopt (many in foundations- no need to buy, and none are for sale due to their huge abundance in Thailand) are as close to the descriptions of TBDs as possible.

  2. DINGO worker
    June 4, 2014 at 2:04 am

    I did not believe my colleague when he claimed Bangkok has dingos. Now I am humbled. Thank you.

  3. Son
    December 18, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    My thai dingo I adopted at 3months from a golf course she was running around by herself separated from her mum. She is beautiful very intelligent, a sensitive dog, unlike my other dogs who will go do their own thing from time to time she won’t and is ever watchful and rarely leaves my side. She is wild at heart I have had my problems with her at times but I can read her now and know how to handle her. She loves children and baby dogs has a very mothering nature.

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