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The American Dingo

These dogs have ginger-colored coats that is common in other wild dogs-Australian Dingo and Korea’s native dog ,the Jindo.

Many fossils from dogs of Native America show similar bone structures to the Carolina Dog –  skulls from some even as far back as 2000 years .

Height:17-24 inches

Weight: 30-65 pounds



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In the 1980’s, many Carolina Dogs were moved to captivity so that they could be studied.

Interesting Facts:

Female dogs have three estrus cycles in very quick succession.

They dig dens in which to give birth.

While pregnant and after giving birth, the female will cover up her excrement with sand.

The American Dingo lives on small mammals-mice and shrews and pounces on preys, similar to the fox.

They also interestingly enough dig snout pits, which are hundreds of tiny holes in the dirt .These holes fit their muzzles.It is mostly the female dog that digs these holes.

Living in the Wild:

American Dingoes or the Carolina Dog uses a pack formation to hunt.In the wild they live in sparsely populated areas and hunt snakes and mammals like raccoons.

These dogs were first noticed on the Savannah River Site which was depopulated and secured since 1950.

Dr.Brisbin , a Research Ecologist at the University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Lab states that the American Dingo is at the base of the canine family tree.However, this apparently was inconclusive and sparked an interest into more extensive DNA testing.

The American Dingo-Carolina Dogs can be registered with the American Rare Breed Association and the United Kennel Club- Spitz and Primitive Group.( the Spitz and Primitive Group includes many primitive breeds such as the Basenji of Africa and the Thai Ridgeback.)




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  1. I have an American Dingo named Doggie. Best dog I ever owned in 55 years. Works in the woods and fields with me while I take photos and videos. He also loves to go to town and out to eat, where he lays on the floor and does not even beg. This was the easiest dog I ever house trained also, and the only time he made mistakes inside, was when I could not get my boots on fast enough. Doggie is now going to learn to pull a travois and a small cart, to help me with camera gear. He has given me a billion laughs over the last year, has my back in the wilderness, and had even pushed me out of the road, when I almost got hit by a car. I feel blessed indeed to have him, he is my best friend and coworker. These dogs need to work, they need to be raised with a pack mentality, and they need to be treated with respect and love, with no harshness. My first dog was an American Dingo in the early 60’s but they did not call them that. They were native dogs.

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