Last- Second Shopping For Your Furry-Best Friend!


“This mixed metals pet ID tag is made by soldering together a thick (18g) piece of brass, a thick piece of nickel silver and a cool copper heart. The edges are hammered and the corners are rounded to give it this slightly weathered look.” DogLegLeftDesigns



“Outside Skin: Premium leather specially treated with oils to withstand outdoor elements as well as retain its flexibility and shine.

Liner: Ultra soft premium leather for comfort.(suede liners also available)” Argos Collars



– PU leather dog collar.
– Includes up to 7 letters and 1 charm.


“Customized Leather Collar with Personalized Stamped Text in your choice of font color surrounded by 2 rows across by 2 rows high domed studs.” BullyMolosserMart



“This Dog dish stands approximately ten inches off the ground and will hold a small bag of dog food inside.

The bottom of the dog bowl is covered with non slip material so the dog bowl won’t slide around on your hard wood floor or tile.” TheGardenGarage




Let your babies enjoy the Sweetness of their VERY OWN Laineys Fruity Pizza© It is a Wheat crust Fruit Pizza filled with fat free, low Cal Yogurt, and changing fruits. Will include at Least 4 fruits. Some will be topped with Coconut.
“Laineys cookies are SO GOOD you JUST may forget they’re for Doggies and eat them Yourself! Go ahead…You wont be the first. & Your secret is safe with us!” LaineysPawTique





Happy Holidays! With the Very Best for 2013! Woof!


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