New Guinea Singing Dog- Oldest Dog Around-Climbing Dog

The New Guinea Singing Dog is also known as the New Guinea Dingo, Hallstrom Dog, Bush Dingo, Singer and New Guinea Wild Dog.They are known and named for their unique vocalization.These dogs are found in New Guinea and are the most primitive breed of dogs around, more so than the dingo.

Domesticated bred New Guinea Dingoes serve as companion dogs. This is part of  a conservation effort to focus attention on their exceptional intelligence and physical abilities.

 The New Guinea Singing Dog is genetically matched to Australian Dingoes.


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The New Guinea Singing Dog has short legs and is broad-headed. These dingo dogs have an average shoulder height  of 13–16 in and weigh from 17–25 lbs. They do not have dewclaws.Singers can also spread their legs sideways up to 90 degrees-similar to the Norwegian Lundehund.They also are able to rotate their front and hind paws more than domesticated dogs and are able to climb trees that can be reached from the ground.

Their almond shaped eyes are highly reflective and are almond-shaped. Researchers believe there are two reasons for the bright reflective glow- not only do the pupils open wider and allow in more light than in other dog breeds, there is also a higher concentration of cells in the tapetum. These two unusual features allow Singing Dogs to see more clearly in low light- not found in canids.

New Guinea Singing Dogs have erect, pointed, fur-lined ears and can rotate their heads a full 360 degrees.
Most sightings of these dogs in the wild show them in pairs or alone-not in packs.Research has found that mothers play roughly with their cubs and that mothers did not react much to a pup’s yelps of pain, but rather interpreted the yelp as the pup wanting to play some more.
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The New Guinea Singing Dogs have a unique howl.It’s melodious and distinctive.The howl has an increase at the start and very high frequencies at the end.They can be differentiated from the Australian Dingo and are very different from the grey wolf and coyote howl.
One howl lasts an average period of 3 to 5 seconds.Sometimes these dogs will howl together as a group-chorus howling.This is well synchronized and happens in the morning and evening.Sometimes these dogs will mimic other dogs in their type of howl.They are however very different from the domesticated dog, and are closely related to wild dogs.These dogs should not be house dogs.Nonetheless, they can be domesticated if socialized, and do get attached to their handlers.
The New Guinea does not bark repetitively. They yelp,whine and form single-note howls.They need lots of exercise and are very intelligent.
 They feed on small marsupials, rodents, birds and fruit.

Dr.Alan Wilton, a geneticist and lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Australia mentions that all the Singing Dogs of New Guinea ,as well as the Dingoes from Australia, may have originated from one single pregnant female.

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    That’s so cool! I hadn’t heard of that kind of canine, so thanks for sharing! I did write about Carolina Dogs (aka the American Dingo) on my blog a while back.

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    Interesting that they do not have dewclaws and other features such as they climb trees. wow…. amazing.

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