January 30, 2023

1 thought on “Animal Law Coalition And Other Great Links for Animal Rights

  1. You killed me on the video… I had to stop it and go hug my Sarah and Slugger for a while. BSL is so wrong on so many levels. But that ‘for every 1 there is 6 lost statement’ has me feeling even stronger that not only do we need better laws for people who misuse any dog, but also, dog breeding – any breed that is – needs serious regulation, not just at the puppy mill level. In the case of pitbulls, you can pick up a 4 week old “$60” purebred pit off Craigs List every day, year round. As a result, the majority of the population in our 2 county pounds, and the highest percentage of euthanisia of dogs that weren’t adopted are pit bulls.

    It breaks my heart: Sarah is our 2nd, Slugger is our 2.5 (mix). Never have I seen a pitty want more out of life than love and a soft couch.

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