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Dognition-Discover the Maverick in Your Dog! Why Dogs are Smarter Than You Think.

“Our journey began with a dog lover’s gut reaction. When The Genius of Dogs author and Dognition founder Dr. Brian Hare watched chimps fail a simple hand gesture test, he blurted out, “My dog can do that!” The professor performing the test challenged Dr. Hare to prove it, sending him on a 15-year quest to unlock the many mysteries of our four-legged friends.” Dognition

Dognition now makes it possible to bring this science home and unlock your own dog’s mysteries and abilities. What you discover might surprise you.” Dognition


” Dognition evaluates cognition to provide a complete picture of your dog’s intelligence — one that includes the skills and abilities that help define your furry friend from head to tail.” Dognition

Results from the games will be calculated to reveal your dog’s individual Dognition Profile.   Charmer,Einstein or Socialite…

Dognition link



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  1. This is super neat! My dogs have learned all kinds of hand gestures — not that I intentionally taught them, but just by virtue of living with me. I tend to “talk” with my hands a lot.

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