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On July 25, 2012, an ODFW wolf biologist on a survey for wolf pups took this video of a Snake River wolf pack pup howling. The video was taken in the Summit Ridge area within the Snake River Wildlife Management Unit, in Wallowa County.

In the video, the pup howls three times. A low returning howl is heard and the pup gets up. Then, other members of the wolf pack (not seen in the video) return the pup’s howls.

Wolves are highly social animals and howling is a common behavior that help packs communicate and stay together. Wolf howls can be heard from several miles away.

“Oregon is home to 53 gray wolves, up from just two in 2007 thanks to recovery efforts. Many were born in spring 2012, a year after the Oregon Court of Appeals halted the killing of Oregon wolves by government hunters. Now those pups are close to full-grown, tipping the scales at around 70 pounds.” via Oregon Live


Wolf populations
Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming have an estimated 1,832 gray wolves:
Montana: 653
Wyoming: 328
Idaho: 746
Washington: 52
Oregon: 53
Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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Wolf Mountain Sanctuary


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