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Wrong Flight-Dog Makes Trip to Ireland Instead of Phoenix on United Airlines

“A dog has taken a trip to Ireland by mistake after an airline put him on the wrong flight from a New Jersey airport” via The Christian Post

The six-year-old English Springer Spaniel named Hendrix was supposed to meet up with his owners in Phoenix, Arizona from Liberty Newark International Airport.Instead he ended up in Dublin, Ireland.The flight was set for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on United Airlines.



  1. Springer!! My favorite kind of dog. (My Springer is lying behind my desk chair right now. :D) Poor guy, though! Talk about a long and out-of-the-way trip. Yikes! I hope he finally made it home safely.

  2. This is a horror story for the owner, for the dog. What happens if the dog needed medication? Egads, what a disaster! I feel so badly for the family–can you even imagine the horror they felt when they realized what happened? I would sue.

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