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Most dogs love them.They come highly recommended by all veterinarians .When dogs have a puzzle to eat and enjoy, it helps to keep their mind and body active, slows down the rate of food consumption,thus helping with digestion.Food puzzles also provide  possibly the best alternative  to destructive behavior ,that is often seen in dogs that are bored, have way too much energy or that suffer from separation anxiety.

The most simple food puzzle is a do-it-yourself food puzzle made by who else, but the Kong.Incredibly chewy, study and non-destructible, these food puzzle can be stuffed with treats and will most definitely keep your furry best friend mentally stimulated and busy.

Things 4 Your Dog– Many Different Types of Food Puzzles-Possibly the best ones out on the market


Nina Ottosson- Dog activity toys & games- terrific

1. Nina Ottosson games and toys will exercise your dog’s mind and body.

2. Can help prevent and reduce behavior problems!

3. Help prevent and reduce weight problems.

4. The games will help strengthen your bond with your dog.

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5. Prevent boredom.


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    Great idea… I am curious however of using these on large breeds. I’ve seen a Bull Mastiff, who ripped a Kong to shreds when he couldn’t get the treat 🙂

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