Dug.Dug.Com Man’s/Dog’s Newest Best Friend! Meet The Big Dog of Price Comparison Search Engines For Pet Products.

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Dug.Dug.-the “big dog” of price comparison search engines  was launched today for locating the best priced dog supplies from flea treatment to dog collars.

This site focuses on the consumer needs of human’s best friend ,but plans on extending to all affordable pet supplies for cats,fish, reptiles and hamsters.

DugDug effectively points canine owners to the lowest cost products without the hassle of pop-ups and adverts.After a general search for “pet price comparison sites” turns up one rival, Petazon.com, DugDug.com seems much easier to navigate than Petazon.com.

DugDug is divided into simple categories:


Pet Jerseys

Food & Treats

Dog Bowls

Petazon is organized by animal, merchant, brand, and/or item category.The exact same product-dog bowl will appear in Petazon’s search results many times, but on DugDug it only comes up once along with all the sites selling it.

Promo Codes:

Promo Codes also appear in DugDug search sites.Rover(optional browser tool) automatically notifies users when a coupon becomes available as they browse the listed vendor sites.

DugDug’s founder, David Keh is a  proud pet parent to a standard poodle .He founded the site out of frustration with navigating traditional price comparison search engines.DugDug also adds value for pet parents, for example by screening for counterfeit and imported pet medications that lack FDA approval(and could be lethal for your furry best friend.)

DugDug does not sell products directly but maintains commission deals with many of the pet sites.Annual expenses for pet parents often and easily exceed $1,200 annually according to the American Pet Products Association.(APPA)


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